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Who We Are and  What We Do

Established in 2006, The HAVEN is a community land project set up by and for people with lived experience of addiction, mental health matters and life trauma who identify a need to build community and support networks outside of services.

Bristol City Council leased us 1.3 acres of land on a peppercorn rent and we transformed it from a tangle of brambles and discarded rubbish into a thriving community garden and relaxation space.

The PURPOSE of the Haven is to enhance wellbeing and improve recovery through connection to nature, ourselves and others. We offer access and opportunities to engage in healthy sustainable living and creative activities as well as offering the time and physical environment to relax and socialize.

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VALUES: Authenticity - Compassion - DIY - Social - Collaborative

Authenticity - Integrity, honesty, trust, openess

Compassion - understanding, supportive, acceptance, patience, tolerance

DIY - experimental, creative, resourceful, autonomous, self-organising, independent, 

Social - Fun, light-hearted, enjoyable, creating safe spaces that are drug free

Collaborative - connection, co-operation, communication

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