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Complaints Policy and Procedure

The Haven views complaints as an opportunity to learn and improve for the future, as well as a chance to put things right for the person that has made the complaint and an opportunity for growth for the person or organisation who has been complained against.

We aim to provide you with the most enjoyable and safe experience possible whilst you are a member of The Haven. Our intention at all times is to deal with people fairly and properly. If you feel that we have not met that standard, please let us know. Where there is reason to believe our conduct has fallen short, we want to be able to resolve any issues and learn from what has happened so that we can continuously improve.

Definition of a Complaint

A Complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction, whether justified or not, about any aspect of The Haven.

Complaints Procedure

1 If the complainant feels safe to do so they should speak to the person directly by inviting them to listen without interrupting and then reflect back their understanding of what the issue is.

2 If the complainant does not feel safe to speak directly to the person they should identify a trusted member of the community and share their concerns either face to face, by telephone or via email.

3 when a member of the community is trusted to hear a complaint and asked to the speak on behalf of the complainant using the method in step one and using the complainants own words as much as possible. It is important that the issue does not become gossip so be mindful when discussing complaints as they should remain confidential in order that people can trust the process.

4 If the community member does not feel safe to speak to the complainant the issue should be referred to the board of trustees. If the complainant or their representative have spoken to the person but no resolution or no agreement could be reached the issue should be referred to the board of trustees. Trustees should acknowledge the complaint within 10 days. Your complaint will then be passed to an appropriate person who was not involved in the events which led to the complaint and who is in a position and has the relevant experience to consider the complaint

5 members of the trustee board should speak to the person who has been complained against, check that there is a full understanding of the complaint and give them an opportunity to respond. The complainant can remain anonymous.

6 if the issue persists the following procedure will be used:

*an official verbal warning will be given

*a written warning will be given

*the person will be asked to leave the project. Membership will be terminated and if they turn up on site the community will phone the police.

9 We reserve the right to terminate your membership if we deem your behaviour as aggressive, abusive, or disruptive, or if we consider your behaviour is posing a threat to the wellbeing of your self, other members or the public. (with reference Safeguarding Policy)

10 to summarise the termination process: verbal warning, written warning, termination. We reserve the right to advance straight to step 3 if your behaviour warrants immediate action.

If you are dissatisfied in any way please tell us immediately. We welcome the opportunity to remedy situations as soon as we can. All complaint information will be handled sensitively and confidentially.

We will investigate every complaint we receive, do our best to put right any problems we find and always tell you the result of our actions.

We will treat any expression of dissatisfaction about our conduct as a complaint. However, we ask you to contact us in writing so that we can consider the matter properly.

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