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Members are expected to comply with the policies and procedures agreed by The Haven at steering meetings. Each individual affected by this policy is expected to act in a manner which is aligned to the following:

Abstinence: No drugs or alcohol should be used on site. You do not have to be abstinent to attend however if you are intoxicated you will be asked to return at another time. It is expected that members understand and show a commitment to their own recovery journey in whatever form that takes.

Accessibility: To those recovering from addictions, living with mental health conditions, life limiting trauma and those vulnerable to isolation. The Haven expects all members to conduct themselves in a manner which encourages, welcomes and supports the involvement of others.

Inclusive: There is no space at the Haven for being racist, agist, sexist, ablist, homophobic, transphobic, fatphobic, or any other language or behaviour that may perpetuate oppression.

Respectful: Refraining from personal attacks, gossip or undermining behaviour even when disagreeing on emotive aspects, policy or strategy. Taking care to avoid using words, jokes or behaviours which might be construed as bullying, intimidation, personal or sexual harassment. Always ensure you have explicit verbal consent before touching someone or crossing personal boundaries.

Compassionate: Supporting and enabling others to feel confident to contribute, feel heard and valued, and free to express themselves. Being sensitive to the emotional aspects of the suffering of others.

Collaborative: Willingness to work alongside peers in areas of shared interest and to engage with activities that support the life of the project.

Communication: We encourage positive, kind, constructive, clear, direct, honest and supportive ways to communicate. We ask members to avoid blame, shame, judgement, criticism, dishonesty, passive aggression and gossip.

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