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  • The Chair starts the meeting at the agreed time and welcomes the group


  • Any apologies from community members who cannot attend are announced


  • Check-In : The group take it in turns to talk for a couple of minutes each about how they are feeling and anything that is going on for them. It is ok to pass if you do not wish to share anything. This is not minuted


  • Minute taker makes a note of those present and records all decisions and actions that are agreed at the meeting and any key points from discussions.


  • With reference to the previous months minutes the chair checks that any agreed actions have been completed and if not they are carried forward


  • request for Chair and minute taker for next months meeting


  • Volunteer keyholders to open up on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11am for the month ahead


  • Feedback from sub-groups


  • The chair works through the points on the agenda in order aiming for a duration of no more than 2hrs for the whole meeting with an option to take a break part way through if required.





  • CHAIR: Compiles the Agenda the week before the Steering Meeting by putting a call out on Whatsapp/email/in-person for Agenda items from the community.

    Agenda closes for submission on the Friday before the meeting at 5pm.

    The Chair publishes the Agenda on Saturday and community members who are unable to attend the meeting can send their apologies or nominate a proxy to vote on their behalf by 5pm on Saturday.


  • MINUTE TAKER: Takes accurate and concise notes during the meeting. Recording attendees, roles, apologies and all actions agreed upon and decisions made during the meeting.

    The Minute Taker types up and circulates the minutes of the meeting within a week of the meeting via email, whatsapp. A digital copy should be filed in the drop box and sent to A paper copy should be placed in the box file in the stable.  

  • COMMUNITY MEMBERS: Anyone can attend who has been coming to the community days for 3 months, it is suggested that at your first few meetings attend to observe. 

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