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The Haven is a not-for-profit peer led community project for adults most prone to isolation, including those affected by issues around their mental health, alcohol and substance misuse, homelessness and other complex needs.


The Purposes of The Haven...


  1. To provide a communal garden and relaxation space, conducive to recovery.

With the aim to improve well being and enhance recovery through connection to nature, wildlife and others. Offering access to nature, wildlife, wild flower areas, ponds, Poly tunnels, individual and communal allotments, a fruit orchard, barbecue, relaxation spaces, chickens, art shed, wood workshop and a tea room.


  1. To provide the opportunity to engage in gardening, healthy sustainable living opportunities, wildlife conservation and creative activities, as well as offering the time and physical environment to relax and socialise.


  1. To provide a safe, drug and alcohol free environment within a supportive, inclusive and non judgmental community.


Peer Led Structure


  1. The Haven is developed, managed and maintained by those that use the project- they are not volunteers to the Haven.


  1. The Haven shall hold regular steering meetings, open to all it's members. These meetings aim to reach consensual decisions concerning the havens running, development and progression. These meetings will also be the arena for the more formal decisions normally made at AGM’s, with the minutes of these meetings serving as a record of the Haven’s journey.


  1. Any plans/ideas put forward by community members will be taken into consideration by the committee of trustees. Anyone who expresses an idea will be encouraged and supported by peers to bring that idea into fruition with the projects ethos and suitability concerning health and safety and environmental impact considerations taken into account.


  1. All those that use the project will be listened to, respected, included, acknowledged and encouraged regardless of their personal beliefs, faith, race, sexuality, gender or personal issues.


Committee Structure


  1. Monthly meetings will appoint ‘servant’ sub-committees to carry out both ongoing administrative tasks and preparations for specific events. Such committees will carry out the wishes of the open steering meetings only, except where they have been given specific emergency powers as set out in the minutes of the steering meetings.




  1. The first such committee is a 5 strong ‘committee of financial and legal trustees’. Members will serve 20 months, one member to be swapped every 4 months at monthly steering meetings, minuted appropriately. Members will serve as signatories to the haven bank account (2 of 5 needed to make withdrawals), as signatories for the insurance (details needed) and because of these responsibilities, as health and safety monitors (highlighting their observations to monthly steering meetings, and coordinating any actions necessary).


  1. New appointments to committees, or any changes to the roles of sub-committees, or the inception of new committees shall be unanimous decisions made by steering meetings.




All community members involved in The Haven are free to express themselves – nothing will be passed on to professionals working with them in services – unless an individual gives consent or it appears that the person may be at risk to themselves or others.




  1. All those using The Haven are encouraged to help each other. Some peers will have trained and gained certificates around the issues concerning others at the project and may be working in a voluntary role at local organizations and/ or other projects.


  1. Some individuals will have the experience and knowledge to facilitate others, to make sure The Haven is safe and secure for others and offer opportunity and guidance. They will not monitor, counsel or analyse others using the project or interfere with the work professionals may be involved with clients using the project – but will be there as equal peers who can offer their skills if needed where appropriate.


  1. Those using The Haven are welcome to visit with their support worker/key worker or CPN etc. if they wish.


  1. Professionals and or volunteers working with community members may use The Haven for group activities with consent on specific days.




  1. All work and activities carried out at The Haven will encourage, develop, conserve and maintain the projects natural biodiversity-cultivation will not exceed fifty per cent of the project.


  1. It has been decided that dogs will not be allowed at the project because of the impact on wildlife.


  1. The Lease agreement between The Haven and Bristol City Council will be adhered to- this agreement will be available to all community members.


  1. Any work or activities taking place at The Haven will have no negative impact on those living or working nearby.


  1. The Haven will recycle. Water will be conserved and recycled where appropriate.


  1. Artificial fertilizers and weed control will not be used unless absolutely necessary (to control invasive plants such as Japanese Knotwood).


Dissolution Clause


The organisation may be dissolved at any time by a resolution passed by a two thirds majority of those present and voting at a special General meeting of the organisation, provided that any property remains after satisfaction of all debts or liabilities. Such property shall, with Committee approval, be given or transferred to another local community group providing similar purposes to our peer group.



Committee of Trustees:

Ruth Patchett

Fraser Lapthorn

Sophia Foster

Liz Bryant

Adam Tarn

Cathy Swift



This constitution was adopted in AUGUST 2012

Amended JULY 2014

Amended DEC 2016

Amended JULY 2022

Amended JULY 2023

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